25 More Unique, Bizarre, and Hilarious Coffee-Related Gifts

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    Gifts for the Coffee Lover

    We just couldn’t stop with our first post featuring 25 coffee-focused gifts. Here’s another list of 25 coffee-themed gifts to make it an even 50. Now, no matter how many names are on your gift list, you’ll be covered!

    Don’t throw anything at me, but here’s a truth worth accepting. Christmas will be here before you know it! For an accurate countdown, click here to see precisely how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until Christmas. (You’re welcome.) It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, right?

    If the winter holidays are far from your mind, you probably still have gift-giving occasions coming up on the calendar. Maybe you have family members with late summer birthdays. Perhaps you need a going-away gift for a college-bound student. And there are plenty of gift-worthy events coming up on the calendar, like the ever-important National Aviation Day, Diwali/Deepavali,  Yom Kippur, and Boss’s Day. Shop early and be prepared!

    Sweets and Other Edibles

    • Coffee-flavored lollipops satisfy two cravings at once. The lucky recipient can enjoy a fun indulgence with plenty of flavor on a handy little stick. These treats are made by hand with all natural ingredients, pure cane sugar, and filtered water. Each package contains 20 lollies = plenty to share! You get five of each of these four different flavors: Cinnamon Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Coffee Caramel, and Peppermint Latte.
    • If you’d rather not be left with a lollipop stick, maybe coffee-filled hard candy is the way to go to get that java treat with a sugar rush. At less than $4.00 per pound, these babies are super economical, too. (You get about 64 pieces per pound.) It’s a hard candy with a coffee flavored liquid center. No mug required!
    • Do you want to impress your friends with latte art, but suck at the actual art-making process (like me)? These edible sugar doilies are the answer! They’re great for special occasions, too, when you’re responsible for decorating lots of cups quickly.
    • Who doesn’t love a themed date in the park? This Coffee/Tea Tote for Two is as adorable as it is functional. Your purchase gets you a 24 oz. brushed stainless steel vacuum flask; 2 insulated cups; 1 spill-proof creamer cup; 2 spoons; and 2 matchy-matchy cotton napkins. The canvas tote has an adjustable shoulder strap to easily carry your coffee to the park.
    • If you need a unique ingredient to bake a treat for that picnic, consider using coffee flour, a versatile product derived during the coffee harvesting/roasting process. It has more iron than spinach, more fiber than whole
      wheat flour, more protein than kale, and more potassium than a banana. Who knew?! This specialty flour is also gluten free, kosher, vegan, and paleo. It’s also a sustainable product that creates jobs and is friendly to Mother Earth. I’m in!
    • Ever scald your tongue on your morning brew, and then find it to be too cold a few short minutes later? These magic coffee beans are truly magic! They keep you from ever scalding your mouth, but they also hold your beverage at the right temperature. The 5-pack will cool/heat 20 oz of liquid (one joulie per 4 oz of java).
    • Speaking of coffee temps, if you’ve thought about making coffee ice cubes to keep your iced beverage from being diluted, this specialty ice cube tray is a win-win. The durable silicone tray makes up to 8 fairly large coffee-bean-shaped cubes. It can (of course) be used to freeze anything you like, from coffee to water to juice for a fun-shaped clink in your glass. Bonus! It’s also dishwasher safe.
    • This unusual edible isn’t really food, per se. It’s coffee in dip/chew-form! If your gift recipient has given up chewing smokeless tobacco (hoorah! kudos!), this interesting product could provide the experience they’ve been missing without the big-bad toxins found in tobacco. Not only is the coffee free of tar and nicotine, it can conveniently deliver that extra punch of energy without having to lug around a cuppa joe. It comes in a variety of distinctive flavors.

    Potent Potables

    • If the  candies listed above aren’t quite grown-up enough for your gift recipient, then this next treat may be just the ticket. (Maybe it’s wise to suggest that the gift recipient wait until after work to indulge in this particular goodie. But hey, no judgment here!) Rich, edible chocolate bottles are filled with one of four different types of liquored-up coffee. Flavors are Mexican, Irish, French, or Cuban. I’d call these little babies the perfect attitude adjustment!
    • Do coffee and beer go together? Absolutely! This hand crafted coffee is blended with hops and malted barley. These additional ingredients bring out a bit of sweetness, and they give your beverage the body of a black IPA. (Note: it’s sold coarsely ground to use in a French press.)
    • Wine and coffee are both chock full of antioxidants, so you can feel extra good about this coffee infused with authentic Napa Valley wine. Cheers to good health!
    • Lightly sweetened cold–brewed coffee meets malted grain alcohol (6% ABV) in Bad Larry’sHard Coffee. Refreshing, satisfying; what’s not to love?

     Beauty Products

    • Bath bombs are all the rage, and the coffee-lover in your life is sure to enjoy this gift. These Cafe au Lait Bath Bombs feature bath-time antioxidants your skin will love. With notes of vanilla and cinnamon, the bath bomb goes all fizzy on contact with water to make a luxurious bath experience. They’re made to order with all natural products.
    • Does the coffee-loving vegan in your life suffer from chapped lips? This lip balm set is the answer! These moisturizing balms are made with certified organic shea butter, and the multi-pack comes with four flavors: amaretto, coffee bean, mocha, and French vanilla.
    • Does the aroma of a fresh brew get you going in the morning? Now you can wear that same aroma all day when you try this specialty perfume with hints of bergamot, apple, vanilla, and (of course) coffee.
    • For more java-scented aromas on the skin, check out this coffee-scented soap. Clean and deodorizenaturally with triple-strength java and a spicy essential oil blend. Your skin will love that the soap is enriched with organic cocoa and shea butters.
    • How’s coffee-scented deodorant sound? This site lets you actually choose your own scent, and coffee beans are just one scent available from a long list of options. It’s vegan, too!
    • Wear your coffee obsession proudly with this beautiful set of stud earrings. They’re made with titanium posts, stainless steel flat pads, & stainless steel butterfly nut backs. They are hypoallergenic and nickel-Free. (Note that they are not waterproof, so be sure to remove them before swimming or showering.)

    For the Home and Office

    • Don’t work in a boring office! Show your java addiction with this cute and functional paper clip
    • Go retro with this rubber stamp. Next time you write an ink-&-paper letter, or even next time you mail off a bill, this stamp lets you leave your personalized mark.
    • What better place to use that cute stamp than on inside a personal greeting card? These handmade cards are sure to make that special loved one smile.
    • Your office or living room got a funky smell? No problem! Try these scented soy wax melts for that special aroma we all adore.
    • Need a fun activity to pass the time? Check out this 1000-piece puzzle with a nod towards lots of our favorite brands of joe, both past and present.
    • This handmade mug sweater is so stinkin’ cute! This shop offers over a hundred different unique cozies (cup sleeves / koozies) to keep your cup warm on the go. So many adorable colors and styles to choose from!
    • This Kickstarter-funded project has hit a home run. It’s an on-the-go brewer for hot, fresh coffee anywhere using pre-packaged pods (including K-cups). Commuters and travelers will love it!


    So there you have 25 extremely unique items to check out for that special someone. Hopefully you’ll find something for everyone on your gift list, even for those “ultra particular” folks.

    Have you been given a uniquely themed gift? Tell us about it in the comments! And as always, thank you for reading.

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