6 Tips for How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee: The Beans

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    Tip 3: The Beans

    Although the majority of a cup of coffee is water, the actual flavor depends primarily on the coffee bean itself. In order to make the same palatable coffee that you get at a coffee bar, you should expect to use coffee beans of the same quality. Don’t hesitate to invest in first-class coffee beans if you want to drink amazingly pleasant-tasting coffee at your house. Try different varieties at different price-points to determine the best quality in your price range. You may find that you prefer Colombian beans over Peruvian, for example. Or you may like Ethiopian beans more than a Kona variety.how to make good Coffee 3Using freshly ground beans give a much richer flavor than using ground coffee that has grown stale with time. Therefore it is preferable to buy no more than a two-week supply at a time. However, it may be impractical for you to purchase a small sum of coffee beans every two weeks. If this is the case, opt for buying a large quantity of coffee beans. Then simply divide them into smaller two-week-sized portions for storage.

    To correctly store your beans, you should put them into air-tight containers immediately after purchase. The best way to maximize longevity is getting rid of as much air, light, and moisture as possible. Coffee beans stay freshest when they are kept in a well-sealed container at room temperature. It should be pointed out that some (not all) industry experts advise against freezing roasted coffee beans. Unwanted condensation can occur each time the beans are removed from the freezer. Freezing may also make the flavorful oils in the beans coagulate, possibly resulting in uneven extraction. You can find more detailed tips about how to store coffee beans here.

    Take your budget, storage capability, and flavor preferences into consideration. Ultimately, the choice is completely up to you.

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