7 Things to Remember When Choosing Coffee Beans

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    Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Coffee Beans


    1. The first thing you should have in mind when you choose coffee beans is the way the coffee was roasted. If you want the coffee to be darker, you could choose Italian or French roasting. Even if french roasting is strong enough, the Italian one is stronger. The basic idea is that the color of the roasting determines its strength. As a conclusion, the strongest is the darkest one.

    2. If you really want to enjoy a good coffee, you have to take more money from your pocket than usual. Two of the most appreciated Italian coffees are Segafredo and Illy. Other brands that have a good taste can be Starbucks and Gevalia.

    3. The roasting process, but also the growing phase of the bean, can both be affected by the chemicals that some companies use. Because of this, the natural taste of the coffee can be altered and the body of people who consume that coffee can have unexpected reactions to the product. It is true that just a few chemicals are really toxic, but experts recommend only organic coffee. If you are not sure which product is truly organic, you should always do some research on the products that you buy.

    4. People who like brewed coffee could get espresso grinds and espresso roast. Examples of reliable espressos can be El Pico, Medaglio D’Oro and Lavazza. These brands can be brewed, but you have to use less content and press the content once the filter basket is full.

    5. Coffee can loose some of its taste and aroma when kept for a long time on the shelves (and you many need to find some tips to store coffee beans). Because of this, acquiring coffee from grocery stores is not recommended. Believe it or not, After a few months on the selves, the product deteriorates no matter if it is properly sealed or not. If you really want to get a fresh coffee, try at coffee shops and local roasters. You will have a better luck to get the taste and flavor you want.

    6. The cheapest way to buy coffee is through Fair Trade (Continue to Read: What is Fair Trade Coffee?) or Direct Trade. While Fair Trade is a type of certification for coffee growers, Direct Trade is meant to make direct exchanges between growers and roasters. The two parties can talk, establish relationships and encourage each other in their work for improving the final quality of the coffee, the working standards and the wages.

    7. Shade grown coffee involves a more environmentally-friendly way of growing coffee. In this way, there is no need to clear-cut land for obtaining more plants. You could try this type of coffee, as it can be organic in most cases.

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