9 Suggestions for Cooking with Coffee

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    Cooking with Coffee and Coffee Grounds

    There are so many uses for coffee besides just drinking it. Cooking with coffee and coffee grounds is becoming very popular. Coffee pairs well with a number of other edibles, and it add a great flavor profile to food. It is also a nice way to add some caffeine into a meal if you need that extra boost of energy.

    coffee cooking ideas to try

    Add to Savory Meats

    Adding coffee to meats (such as roasts or steaks) will add a delicious, subtle flavor to the finished dish. It will also help to tenderize it. Coffee can be added to any marinade or to a dry rub, and then applied to the meat prior to cooking. Prepared coffee can be added to braising liquid, which can add a bit of dimension to the dish. For some recipes, coffee will go very well when added to a barbeque-type sauce. It is great as a rub or marinade for grilled chicken, and makes a nice sauce to serve with the chicken as well.

    Spice Rub

    There are many different recipes for spice ribs. Coffee grounds, especially those that were already used to make coffee, can be added into a spice rub. There are some spices that go very well with coffee. These include salt and paprika. This combination can be used to crust a piece of pork or even to give hamburger a new flavor. The result will be very similar to a mocha rub that is used on a rack of lamb. In addition to using coffee, espresso power can be used as well.

    Add to Breakfast

    Many people drink coffee with breakfast so there is no reason that they cannot add it to their food. Coffee can be used to add a very unique flavor to fried eggs. Coffee can be mixed with a little bit of butter and then used on pancakes. Coffee is often used to make red-eye gravy,” a specialty sauce that can be used in a number of different dishes.

    Coffee and Dessert

    No meal is complete without a good dessert. That is where coffee comes in. Coffee will add a great companion taste to most desserts. If the flavor of coffee is too strong for some, then espresso powder can be used. Espresso powder is dissolvable in water and will add a punch of flavor. Only a small amount of either coffee or espresso is needed to add a great taste. Coffee can be mixed into brownie batter to make it taste rich and luscious. Coffee can be used in a coffee cake. Coffee can even be added to whipped cream so that it will taste extra bold.

    Frozen Treats

    Coffee can be used in a number of frozen applications as well. Coffee can be added to ice cream so that a person can enjoy a coffee flavored ice cream. Coffee can be used to make ice cream pops as well. There are a number of frothy drinks that contain coffee that will allow a person to enjoy this treat on a hot day.

    Snack Bars

    Coffee or espresso powder can be used to make a variety of crunchy snack treats or granola bars. When you are looking to make this type of recipe, mix the oats and any other dry ingredients that are needed. Then before adding any nuts or dried fruit try adding a couple of spoonfuls of coffee or espresso powder before mixing in the wet ingredients. The addition of coffee will allow a person to get an extra boost of energy from these bars, and they will taste good as well.

    Meal Additions

    Coffee can be used to make some additions to some meals. Coffee can be used to make candied walnuts. These nuts taste great on their own or they can be added to a salad for a touch of crunch and a touch of sweetness. When making candied nuts, walnuts can be rolled in coffee powder or espresso powder before the rest of the recipe is followed.

    Crème Brule

    This dessert is a baked custard that has a crunchy sugared glaze on top. While the regular recipe for this dessert is great on its own, it is only better once coffee has been added. When coffee is added into the recipe of this custard, the finished product will taste like a cup of caramel cappuccino. This is great for someone that wants a touch of sweetness as well as a nice flavor.

    Pairing with Coffee

    9 Cooking Ideas with Coffee and Coffee Grinds

    There are some foods that pair very well with the flavor of coffee. Coffee and jalapeno peppers go together very well. There is a bit of a spice with a little bitterness. Pork and coffee are a good combination, and the flavors complement each other. Many sauces can benefit from a hint of coffee and will really bring out the flavor of the food.

    These are just some of the ways that coffee can be used when cooking. Coffee can add a great flavor as well as a little caffeine to a dish. Only a little bit of coffee is needed to get the job done. Coffee is a great addition to many different recipes, and coffee is one of the most diverse ingredients that any chef can choose.

    Have you tried any recipes that use coffee in a new or unique way? Tell us about it!

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