BUNN BXB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

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    Bunn BXB Velocity Brew Coffee Maker Reviews

    Bunn BXB coffee maker

    Bunn BXB

    The BUNN BXB is definitely a home-use coffeemaker that blends ease and performance together perfectly. The Bunn BXB stands out from other coffeemakers because of its simplicity and efficiency, which are features that many automated coffeemakers don’t have. And with these features, anyone can use the BUNN BXB coffeemaker quickly and easily.

    What Features Does the Bunn BXB Coffee Maker Have?

    This coffee brewer’s water tank is made of upscale stainless-steel in which there is a thermostat. You can always have a cup of hot coffee at any time! Three minutes, water, coffee, and a coffee filter are all you need for a full 10 cups of coffee. Permanent or disposable paper filters designed for this machine are available in many different retails stores, or you can simply buy them online.

    With the specially designed safety system of the BUNN BXB Velocity Brew drip coffeemaker, the water won’t flow if you lower the door of the coffeemaker from the top. You can also use it to make hot water when putting the decanter on the warming plate. The heating reservoir keeps the water piping hot at all times. Then you can use it make a cup of tea or hot chocolate for your family. Remember, it’s not just a coffeemaker!


    Bunn BXB coffee maker

    Bunn BXB

    BUNN BXW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

    The BUNN company is very dependable, and it has 40 years of experience in the restaurant coffee industry. As a notable feature, the design philosophy of the BUNN brand is minimalism. This unit does not possess those so-called convenient features. And even without those bells and whistles, the BUNN BXB still stands out from many contemporary drip coffeemakers. Its black and stainless-steel design is attractive and classic, sure to please both minimalist and nostalgic customers.


    paper filter

    You might think the BUNN BXB is a little bit pricy for a basic coffeemaker. But this product is really of great quality, as is the coffee made in it. Moreover, the BUNN is well known for its excellent customer service. Each user enjoys a 3-year warranty, and customers can contact the service department via email or phone at your convenience at any time.


    • Very time-saving: 3 minutes for 10 cups
    • Wide spray-head ensures even ground extraction
    • Easy to handle, pour, and clean
    • Made of excellent stainless-steel


    • No automatic shut-off feature


    The BUNN BXB Velocity Brew is backed with the company’s reputation. BUNN has decades of restaurant coffee brewing experience, and now consumers can bring this same quality home. It differs from other multi-functional and automatic coffeemakers. What makes it so special and compelling is the less-is-more design philosophy, the glass decanter of great durability and the continual heating in the stainless-steel water tank. Over 1400 customers have reviewed the product on Amazon, and to date the ranking is a solid 4.2 out of 5 stars. We highly recommend this product.

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