How to Make Desi Chai at Home

Recipe of Desi Chai – the Indian Version of Tea

how to make desiChaiWhile you may not be oblivious to the fame India and other South Asian territories have received for the delicacies that are prepared by modest vendors on the street, did you know that most common beverage commodities such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks are usually referred to by the flagship brands that are dominant within their respective industries?... Read More | Share it now!

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How to Make Iced Coffee: Your Ultimate Guide for Iced Coffee

4 Methods for Making Iced Coffee

Iced coffee has become the favorite beverage of many, especially during a scorching summer. It is much cheaper to make iced coffee at home as compared to buying one of these tasty treats from coffee shop. Besides, you get the freedom to make a cup of coffee with your preferred flavor and strength. Few affordable coffee shops offer customized coffee, but you can make this dream come true by doing it yourself. The most important aspect of making your own coffee is to enjoy the process.... Read More | Share it now!

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How to Cold-Brew Coffee – A Step-by-Step Guide

A Guide for Cold-Brewed Coffee

In this post we will talk about how to cold-brew coffee. Have you ever heard of cold-brew coffee? You probably have! A glass of cold-brewed coffee is a refreshing and deserving treat in the warm summer months. It’s a great choice for tasty summer beverage. Compared to a cup of regular coffee made with hot water, cold-brewed coffee has lower acidity which is preferable for this with sensitivity to high-acid food and beverages. It’s rich, invigorating beverage that can be enjoyed over ice with or without sweetener or cream.... Read More | Share it now!

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Guideline to Turkish Coffee Recipe

Turkish coffee (Türk kahvesi) has been a central icon in Turkish society since it was developed about 500 years ago, and we at our site would like to introduce it to you. In the past, coffeehouses were a crucial place for social discourse. Today this beverage still plays an important role in Turkish society, and can be found in multiple countries in and around Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. It has even been included on Turkey’s “intangible cultural heritage list” put out by UNESCO.... Read More | Share it now!

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How to Make a Vodka Martini

how to make a vodka martini

As far as martinis and coffee are concerned, they have been popular among consumers for many decades. In recent years people have tried various textures and flavors of different coffee beans in order to make tasty additions to martinis, especially vodka martinis. New and constantly changing versions of cocktails with some of the most distinct blends and flavors are served to connoisseurs with unique tastes.... Read More | Share it now!

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