Drink Coffee To Stay Awake And Lose Weight?

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    New Mothers Can Drink Coffee To Stay Awake And Lose Weight


    new mum coffee health Lovers of coffee can rejoice in the knowledge of yet another study on the benefits of drinking coffee. Not only does coffee have amazing health benefits, it can also reduce your waistline, according to Dr. Bob Arnot. He has studied the Ikarians, who were the inspiration for his newest book, The Coffee Lover’s Diet: Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life. The Ikarians are known for having the oldest people around the world and they attribute this to drinking coffee.

    They do not drink a simple Folders cup of Joe, though. They have a special recipe that they adopted from the Greeks. It has very fine coffee grinds and they prepare it by boiling it. They also have specific diets and active lifestyles to back up the claims of their long lives.

    Are We Drinking Coffee Wrong?

    In Dr. Arnot’s book, he talks about how most of us are drinking low quality coffee. The benefits of coffee are being underutilized due to many factors. One of the most important ones that he points out is the coffee bean used for our coffee.

    Sustaining high traces of phenols is important to heap the true benefits of our beloved beverage. However, most of us in the United States are not choosing these types of coffee beans. Dr. Arnot says we must have the beans lighted roasted to bring their highest phenol levels to the surface.

    He also says that adding creamer, such as milk or French vanilla flavoring, is taking those phenol levels out of the original coffee bean.  In fact, he insists that once we are using the correct type of coffee, the need to add flavors will be unnecessary because we will find that the coffee is more appealing to our taste buds.

    good sides of drinking coffeeIf we change the coffee beans, delete the creamers and sugars, and start to boil the coffee like the Greeks did, we can also see even stronger benefits than with are Westernized preparations. However, this diet is not to say that you can eat whatever you like. Sticking with low amounts of protein and a large quantity of plant foods will allow the metabolism to truly thrive and speed up, causing your weight to shed off.

    Even if we may be considered wrong in our way of drinking and grinding coffee in the U.S., it still can provide many health benefits.

    Lowered Cancer Risks

    Colorectal cancer is greatly reduced by even the smallest significant amount of coffee that you take into your system. Your chances of getting cancer are reduced by 26%. If you drink more cups of Joe in a day, that increases this percentage.

    Coffee Drinkers Have Less Cases Of Heart Disease

    For heavy coffee drinkers, meaning more than 3 cups a day, researchers have shown studies of heart disease being reduced or non-existent. The caffeine that coffee has causes less stress and less stress brings down the heart rate.

    Lower Suicide and Depression Risks In Coffee Drinkers

    As suicide rates rise year after year, you might want to think about drinking coffee to avert your chances of depressive thoughts and suicidal tendencies. This is not an alternative to taking medication for depression. However, if drinking a few cups of coffee helps you feel more like yourself, what is the harm? Harvard School of Public Health shows research that nearly 20% of women who drink at 4 coffee beverages a day lowered their suicide risks.

    You Poop Better And More Consistently

    If you ever suffer from constipation, put some coffee on and drink a cup or two. You’ll notice your bowels moving soon after that coffee get into your system. This isn’t the case for everyone, but coffee has been proven to speed up the metabolic process. So, expect a bowel movement in the very near future once you start sipping.

    What Is The Harm In A Coffee Diet?

    coffee and pregrancy health

    Every diet has its good and bad intakes and the coffee diet that Dr. Arnot has proposed is no different. First, Dr. Arnot is basing his coffee diet off of a study of people who were given high and low amounts of caffeinated coffee. Like any other caffeine type product, if you stop drinking your normal amount, you will noticeably see changes in your body. With caffeine reduction, many people have headaches, irritable moods, and low energy.

    Basing the affects of coffee on high caffeine intake and low caffeine intake cannot be simulated fairly. The people who participated in his study did not have the same phenol levels in the coffee he provided them. Some did not have any phenol levels and this is the component his is claiming to help us lose weight. So, his research could be slightly declined because of this.

    Greek coffee is not the same as the coffee we know and drink daily. The caffeine it has is much higher. Anyone who would make an immediate switch to Greek coffee will undoubtedly see a drastic difference in him or her due to the higher contrast in caffeine that it has compared to a “normal” cup of coffee. The Greek coffee contains a higher amount of caffeine; so to say that a person will have immediate results is understandable, but only due to the caffeine intake, not necessarily the Greek coffee in itself.

    Increasing your coffee intake has many bad side effects. An increased anxiety level can result from this and if your heart rate is increasing due to intense anxiety, the risk for heart disease has just gone back up. Moderate drinking of coffee, say a few cups a day, isn’t going to put you into an early grave. Those drinking this amount are able to see the lower risks discussed earlier. However, increasing the amount by say 4 or 5 cups might.

    Coffee addiction is a real life thing. Imagine drinking coffee everyday and suddenly waking up one morning with a worldwide coffee shortage. Can you see the manic reactions some of your friends and family would have in losing their coffee? So, while coffee can be a great benefit to us, we have to be careful of not overdoing it and depending on it.


    No one is trying to convince you that eight cups of coffee a day are going to be the best thing for your weight and health. However, those few cups you have in the morning could be more than just a wake up call. Greek coffee might contain more benefits, if you believe the research of Dr, Arnot but mothers of newborns aren’t complaining about the tiniest possibility of losing weight and staying mindful on two hours of sleep.

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