How to Make Iced Coffee: Your Ultimate Guide for Iced Coffee

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    4 Methods for Making Iced Coffee

    Iced coffee has become the favorite beverage of many, especially during a scorching summer. It is much cheaper to make iced coffee at home as compared to buying one of these tasty treats from coffee shop. Besides, you get the freedom to make a cup of coffee with your preferred flavor and strength. Few affordable coffee shops offer customized coffee, but you can make this dream come true by doing it yourself. The most important aspect of making your own coffee is to enjoy the process.

    Have you wondered how to make iced coffee? Here today I will list some methods of making iced coffee to help you. The most popular methods are cold-brewed iced coffee and hot-brewed iced coffee. Read through these steps and learn the process. And as an added bonus below, I have included details on ways to make a Caramel Macchiato Frappe and Instant Iced Coffee.

    How to Make Iced Coffee

    1. How to make cold-brewed iced coffee

    Step 1: Pick high-quality beans

    To brew a rich, creamy, andsatisfying iced coffee, the first thing you have to do is pick out good quality coffee beans. You can tell the quality from their color and size. Generally speaking, small, weak, or blonde roasts are of lower quality. Most people agree that big, robust, dark roasts are usually better. My personal recommendation is Ladro Blend. It’s big size and bold shape make it a great choice for making iced coffee.

    Step 2: Grind your coffee beans

    Burr-Coffee-GrinderTake out a cup of whole coffee beans and start grinding. The amount of coffee beans needed will vary according to your individual tastes and the recipe you are using. The flavor of coffee can be maximized through proper grinding. Usually, the finer the grind, the more quickly the coffee can be brewed. To make cold-brewed iced coffee, you will need medium-ground coffee. To save time, you can grind the coffee beans at a coffee shop. I usually prefer to grind beans at home to get the freshest taste.

    Step 3: Add water and stir

    Put the ground coffee into a 200ml jar, add water, and then stir. Blend the grounds and water thoroughly. During the stirring process, magic happens. The magic smell created by billions of coffee molecules and water molecules colliding with each other gives your nose a pleasant and exciting experience.

    Step 4: Wait patiently

    Cover the jar with the lid and place it somewhere that has no direct sunlight. And now all you have to do is to wait between 6 to 12 hours. The rest happens naturally.

    Step 5: Strain

    There are hundreds of ways to strain coffee. Use your imagination and find some material and objects that you think might work.

    Use a French press to filter the coffee concentrate.

    Use a coffee filter and funnel. Put the filter in the funnel and then pour the coffee concentrate into the filter.

    A paper towel might be the cheapest and most common thing you can find at home. You can also use them to strain coffee with a bowl and sieve. However, paper towels often leave small white paper particles in the brew, and paper towels are not recommended unless it’s the last resort.

    Use a nut milk bag. This is a bag made from cheesecloth and/or nylon, intended for straining many different items. You can buy one online or in a store nearby. It is my favorite choice to filter the coffee concentrate.

    Step 6: Enjoy your iced coffee

    Here comes your “Dear Diary” moment! Place some ice cubes in a tall glass. Pour ½ cup of cold filtered water and the same amount of coffee concentrate into the glass. If you like, you can also add some sweetener or cream. Now you can start enjoying the intense flavor of this cold-brewed coffee. Some prefer to consume with a straw, but it’s up to you. The pleasure of drinking coffee is with you the whole day.

    2. How to make hot-brewed iced coffee

    coldbrew0Step 1: Select coffee beans and grind

    The process for this method is almost the same with those of cold-brewed iced coffee. You can follow the first two steps as shown above for selecting your beans and grinding them properly.

    Step 2: Brew hot and fresh coffee

    Because the coffee will be diluted with ice in this receipt, be sure to make the coffee stronger than usual. The more ice cubes you want to add, the stronger your coffee should be. If you want to add sugar or other sweetener, add it now, because it dissolves more quickly in hot liquid.

    Step 3: Transfer your coffee into a jar

    Handle with car! The brew could still be very hot as you transfer it to a jar. Place the jar of coffee on your kitchen counter and let it cool for a bit. Don’t wait too long if you want to drink the freshest coffee. When the coffee gets to room temperature, you can move the jar to your refrigerator to chill. You could chill it in the freezer to speed it up, but take great care that the glass does not shatter. The whole process takes about 3 hours.

    Step 4: Drink it now

    Take out a cup and fill it with the chilled coffee. Add anything you like, such as cream, milk, or more sugar. Stir thoroughly and drink! One sip of the iced coffee not only gives your taste buds a treat, but also gives you total refreshment.

    3. Other ways to make iced coffee

    Cold-Brewed-Iced-Coffee-ConcentrateOther delicious iced coffee beverages include a Caramel Macchiato Frappe and Instant Iced Coffee.

    To make a Caramel Macchiato Frappe, you will need 4 ounces of your cold-brewed coffee concentrate, 1/3 cup of cold chocolate milk, 2 tablespoons of caramel-flavored topping, 1 teaspoon of sugar, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract, and 6-7 ice cubes. The best way to make this drink is to place all of the ingredients into an electric blender and blend on high speed until thick and slushy. It’ll have the consistency of a milkshake or a smoothie. If you don’t have an electric blender, you can use a cocktail shaker for decent results. Place all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker; cap firmly, and shake vigorously for 2 minutes. Pour (don’t strain) into a tall glass. Finally add some whipped cream as topping. A glass of nice Caramel Macchiato Frappe is ready to serve!

    If you don’t have coffee concentrate available, this beverage can be made with instant coffee. Just dissolve 1 teaspoon of instant coffee granules and 1 teaspoon of sugar into 1 tablespoon of very hot (not boiling) water. Stir until sugar and coffee is fully dissolved. Continue as above to blend or shake for a delicious frappe. Just like the name instant shows, it is easy and quick to make.


    Which method do you like most? Do you prefer the results of hot-brewed iced coffee? Or do you like cold-brewed iced coffee better? We hope you will find these tips for How to Make Iced Coffee easy to follow. Now you can start buying the necessary equipment along with your whole coffee beans. You may find that your first attempts at these recipes are not stellar. But with plenty of practice, you will be delighted that you can make a decent cup of iced coffee. The most exciting aspect is that whenever you want to drink coffee, you don’t have to travel a long way to find a shop, dole out extra cash, and wait. Just let your DIY spirit serve you in the quest for a daily delicious cup.

    Thank you for reading!


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