How to Roast Coffee Yourself

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    Coffee roasting

    Coffee roasting

    Among all non-water beverages consumed in the world, coffee is second from the top of the list (behind tea.) And coffee lovers know that there is no fresher coffee than the one made with beans you have roasted yourself at home. You can roast green coffee beans in primarily two different ways, depending upon which method you prefer. First there is the old-school method involving a skillet, but this method purportedly doesn’t produce the best flavor or even roast. The other option is the modern method of using a small professional-grade roaster. The details of the roast can be set by you, according to your pre-determined preferences. Focus on the roasting process, especially the finish, because ending the roasting process properly makes an enormous difference in the final result. With some practice and the right equipment, you will be able to impress your friends with a smooth, rich, delicious cup of coffee. In our blog today, we will introduce some basic steps and appliances for DIY coffee roasting at home.

    The best thing to do it is to choose a reliable roaster and use green coffee. The color of the coffee must become brown through roasting. You can try to use simple improvised devices made at home, such as your popcorn popper or just a pan roaster. The time duration for a procedure is determined mostly by the technique that is used. You can use convection roasting or conduction roasting. The first type lasts for eight to twelve minutes and can be performed with a small home roaster or a popcorn popper. The second type lasts for fourteen to eighteen minutes, and it involves the use of a drum roaster, a skillet, or an oven. Before starting a roast procedure, you have to be prepared for three different stages.

    1. Selecting Between DIY Methods and Appliances

    In this first stage, you have to first ask yourself about the amount of coffee that you require, as well as the sum of money you are willing to invest in the process. From the multitude of methods of roasting coffee (both do-it-yourself and using commercial appliances), you can choose the one that will be convenient to you in every way.

    Popcorn Poppers

    One of the best do-it-yourself methods to use is to acquire an electric, automatic popcorn popper. Some people may already have this device at home, while others can buy one from a hardware store, retail market, online retailer, or even a second-hand shop. One good thing about these devices is that they are not expensive. If you use an oven with a cookie sheet, or even a skillet, you may notice that you have to put some effort in the process to obtain the same results as with a popcorn popper.

    Before you choose a popcorn popper for roasting coffee, make sure you do some research about it, because not all models can serve this purpose. Experts recommend using this type of device because it can produce an even roast in the fastest amount of time. Every model will run at a different speed, so it may take some trial and error to confirm that it’s not too fast and not too slow. You may have to do some modifications to the popper for optimum results. (Be sure to read the popper’s warranty if trying this method concerns you. Using coffee beans in the machine may void it.) The process does not last more than ten minutes using an air-type popcorn popper for roasting.

    Roasting Coffee Beans

    Roasting Coffee Beans

    Old Skillets

    Using an old skillet can produce an easy and fun roasting experience. It is known to be among the first tools to use for roasting coffee historically. But you must be careful to pay close attention to the process in order to avoid scorched beans or an uneven roast. Amazon sells upgraded skillet-style roasting pans here. And here is a unique ceramic variety. If you already have experience with modern roasting devices, you should definitely try this classical method just for fun. Let us know how it turns out for you!

    Modern Appliances

    On the other hand, the precise technology that comes with modern roasting appliances has many benefits. Such devices can have a timer. Some models can collect the chaff, they can provide temperature controls, and you can control the flow of air over the roasting beans. Another neat feature available on some models is smoke suppression. If you want a fast device that roasts smoothly with no scorching, a dedicated air roaster is the solution. A very compact unit is available on Amazon here, and if your budget is larger, higher-end models like this one are available. Drum-style roasters do a good job as well, and they can handle larger batches of beans at one time. Here’s one drum-style model on Amazon. And serious customers with larger budgets may like this high-end model. However, some models may generate more smoke when compared to other devices, so be sure to do your research and find one that is right for your situation.

    You will find more info in the articles below. Be sure to stop back by and let us know how your home roasting experience went!

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