Interesting Coffee Around The World

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    Coffee Types From Different Countries

    Coffee is loved by people all around the world. Each country does have its own touch to make their coffee unique. There are different drinks that are enjoyed with different flavors but at the heart of these drinks contain  the coffee flavor that people have come to love. world coffeeThese are the most popular coffee drinks from around the world.


    This coffee is from Italy. It is a strong cup of coffee. This cup of coffee contains a double shot of espresso in order to keep a person wide awake and alert.

    Café au Lait

    This is a coffee drink from France. The drink is prepared with an equal part of prepared coffee and an equal part of scalded milk. The milk is heated up before it is added to the coffee. This is great for people that like a drink with a light coffee taste.

    Turkish Coffee

    This type of coffee is served light and sweet. When making the coffee instead of using water the Turkish people will add sugar to this water. That way the coffee will have a sweet taste. There is milk added to the coffee is before it is served.

    Irish Coffee

    This is a popular drink but it is not for children. To make this coffee a teaspoon of brown sugars is added to prepared coffee. Irish whiskey is then added to the coffee. To finish this drink heavy cream is added. This will allow the coffee to have a layered look in the glass. A person can see the different colors of the coffee drink which is nice to look at.

    Dirty Chai Latte

    This coffee is popular in the United Kingdom.  A cup of coffee is mixed with black tea and a touch of steamed milk. The British people took their love of tea and combined it with the taste of coffee.

    Café del Tiempo

    This Spanish cup of coffee is great for cooling down on a hot day. This coffee is meant to enjoy while the weather is hot. This cup of coffee is served on ice with a slice of lime. This will add a refreshing twist to a regular cup of coffee.

    Café con Hielo

    This is another great Spanish cup of coffee. This translates to coffee on ice. This is great for a hot day and a person will be able to cool down with their coffee.


    This Italian cup of coffee is tasty and contains two of the best treats in the world: coffee and ice cream.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream is added to coffee. This is a tasty treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day.


    This coffee is from Denmark. The coffee is dark and served cold. There is a little sugar that is added to the coffee but is in known for its bold taste.

    Egg Coffee

    This coffee is from Vietnam.  The coffee is served as part of a breakfast dish. A cu p of coffee is mixed with condensed milk, sugar, butter, cheese, and egg yolks. It is mixed together until the mixture becomes think and fluffy. People have said that this coffee has a similar taste to a tiramisu.


    This coffee is found in Finland. A cheese that is native to this country called juustileipa is served in the coffee. The cheese is cut into small pieces and placed at the bottom of the coffee cup. The hot coffee is then poured over the cheese. The cheese can be eaten with a spoon as a person drinks the coffee.

    Kan Kohi

    This is a coffee that is native to Japan. This coffee comes in a can. It can be served hot or cold. There are many companies that make this canned coffee and it can be purchased out of a vending machine.

    Café des espices

    This is a coffee from Morocco. The coffee has a bit of a kick to it as it is made with spices. This coffee contains sesame seed, black pepper, and nutmeg. These spices are ground with the coffee beans before the coffee is made. When the coffee is made it has a bit of a spiciness to it.

    Café Lagrima

    This coffee is from the country of Argentina.  This coffee is light and airy. When a person looks into the coffee cup they will see a mixture of whiteness. The coffee is light. This coffee is made with steamed milk and the foam from the milk with a drop of coffee for the flavor.

    Café del Olla

    This is a Mexican coffee . When a person is making this coffee in a traditional manner it made it in a clay pot. This coffee is made with cinnamon and a  Mexican spice known as piloncillo.

    Café Bombon

    This coffee is made in the country of Spain. It is made with an espresso that has sweetened condensed milk added to it. A person can also make this coffee with half condensed milk and half regular milk.

    These are some of the most popular coffees from around the world. Each county has its own take on coffee. What is true for each country is the love of coffee and its popularity.

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