Make A Great Cup of Coffee Now

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    How to Make Great Coffee at Home

    Many people love to start their day off with a cup of coffee. It seems that some mornings the coffee comes out perfect. Other time the coffee does not taste as good as it should. There are some tips to help a person make the perfect cup of coffee every time at their home.

    Buy Fresh

    buy fresh coffee beansThe beans that are used to make the coffee are going to make all the different. A person should purchase fresh coffee beans. The best cup of coffee is made from beans that have been roasted within a couple of days. A person can roast their own beans for a better flavor as well. Be careful when purchasing coffee beans from displays in the supermarkets. The air and the bright lights can take the flavor out of the beans. Also if the beans are sitting in the binds for extended periods of time they can also look flavor. Coffee beans should be purchased when they are in vacuum sealed bags for freshness.

    Home Storage

    When the coffee beans are brought home a person must also them in airtight containers in order for the beans to stay fresh. Glass or ceramic jars that have rubber gasket seals are the best choices for sealing the beans. The coffee should not be frozen as this can take away from the flavor. The coffee should not be kept for more than five days. The faster a person roasts and uses these beans the better the coffee will take.

    Select Good Beans

    Where the coffee beans come from will affect the taste of the coffee. The best coffee will come from 100 percent Arabic beans. Try to avoid Robusta beans. These beans may contain more caffeine but often have a harsh taste. This can ruin a good cup of coffee.

    Grind at Home

    Once the coffee beans are ground they are going to begin to lose flavor. The best tasting coffee comes from the beans right after they are ground. There are affordable coffee grinders that can be used at home. The manufactures Braun and Bodum make affordable coffee grinders that will allow a person to make a good cup of coffee.

    Water Matters

    water to coffee

    The coffee beans that are used are not the only things that will affect the taste of the coffee. The water that is being used to make the coffee can have an impact on flavor. Instead of using tap water it is recommended that a person use bottled water. Bottled water does not contain chlorine like tap water or the minerals. Soft water or water that has been distilled can ruin the coffee as well. The water should be pure but not distilled.

    Get a Good Filter

    Many coffee drinkers do not know that their filter can have an impact on the flavor of their coffee. Paper filters take away from the taste of the coffee. If a person is going to use a paper based filter they should find one that is oxygen bleached or dioxin free. If a person truly loves their coffee they may want to spend the extra money and purchase a gold plated filter. This will allow a person to get the most flavor from their coffee. A person needs to be sure to clean their filters often. Any sediment that is left behind can affect the taste of the coffee.

    Use Plenty of Ground Coffee

    The standard measurement when making coffee is to use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. If a person likes a strong coffee flavor they should try to add a little bit more of the ground coffee. A person should not use less coffee and hotter water. This will not extract more flavor from the beans. Instead this will make the coffee taste bitter.

    Watch the Heat

    heat is very important to coffee makingPeople want hot cup of coffee. Brewing the coffee at temperatures that are too hot can give it a bitter taste. The correct brewing temperature should be around 200 degrees. Most coffee makers are able to regulate this temperature and allow the coffee to brew at this. Once the coffee is ready a person should drink it right away. If the coffee is left sitting for too long this can affect the flavor. If the coffee is reheated at a later time it can have an unpleasant and bitter taste.

    Clean the Equipment

    The containers that are being used to store the coffee should be cleaned every couple of days. The grinders should also be cleaned to prevent an oily buildup. Once a month a solution containing a high amount of vinegar should be allowed to run through the coffee pot. This will help remove any minerals that have built up or sediment that has gotten caught in the coffee maker. After cleaning rinse the coffee pot before using again.

    These are just some tips to help a person make a great cup of coffee at home. A person does not need fancy equipment to make good coffee. All they need to do is to get the right beans and pay attention to brewing and their coffee should taste great.

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