Permanent Coffee Filters vs. Paper Filters

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    Permanent Filters or Disposable Paper Filters: Which is Better?

    What effect does the coffee filter you use have on the coffee you drink? Well, while some people believe that using paper filters in coffeemakers gives coffee a better taste, we can’t ignore the fact that a lot of consumers are now opting for permanent coffee filters. Personally, I’ve tried using both and quite frankly, I didn’t find any substantial difference between the two. But since we are all different, kindly use the Readers Respond section below to let us know which one of these two you prefer and why.

    Comparisons Between Permanent Filters and Paper Filters:

    Although many coffeemakers are sold with a permanent filter included, yours may not come with this accessory. Then you will have to choose between buying disposable paper coffee filters or a permanent (reusable) one.

    paper filter permanent filterPaper filters

    Disposable paper filters are highly beneficial because they can economical at the outset. One package costs $3 or less and can last for several months. These filters also make the whole process of discarding coffee grounds a lot easier and quicker. They are biodegradable and compostable, and many coffee connoisseurs swear that paper filters are the best way to brew the perfect cup. (Look at the Chemex system, or other pour-over styles.) On the negative side, it’s sometimes hard to find a paper filter supplier who deals in filters that match your coffeemaker’s precise style and size (basket or cone). It’s often hard to make the filter fit without folding it in some way. Also, paper filters end up costing quite a lot more over the life of your coffeemaker. Once you use the coffeemaker for a year or more, the cost of paper filters is much more than the cost of a permanent one. And unless you buy paper filters that are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, the manufacturing process uses valuable natural resources.

    Permanent Filters

    Permanent filters are considered advantageous more so when you analyze the long term benefits. For instance, a $10 filter is bound to last for a very long time. And unlike paper filters, which may demand that you use several of them at a time, you can own just one permanent coffee filter. Also, you never have to worry about constantly replacing them. Moreover, these filters are available in both cone and basket styles. Consumers are also given the option of buying permanent nylon filters (which are less expensive) or gold-tone filters. Despite being a little expensive, the gold-tone filters are highly durable and make coffee tastier. Both of these clean up really well. Most importantly is that the permanent filters are designed to fit into almost all coffeemakers. However, to get the perfect fit, it’s advisable to buy one that’s specifically designed for your coffeemaker.


    Thank you for reading. We would love to hear your comments on this topic.

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