Songs to Accompany your Morning Java

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    Ten Songs to Accompany your Coffee

    When I pour my morning cup, I prefer silence; lots and lots of silence. In fact, it’s probably safest for those around me to refrain from speaking until I’ve ingested a few sips. But hey, that’s just me. Plenty of coffee lovers crank up the tunes first thing in the morning. Or if coffee addicts take a much-needed break in the afternoon or evening, music might be an integral part of that experience.

    Below are ten randomly selected coffee-related songs that might interest my fellow coffee enthusiasts.

    1. Coffee Cantata

      Kaffekantate BWV211 was composed by Johan Sebastian Bach somewhere around 1732. This piece is one small portion of a satirical comic opera that describes a coffee addiction. It’s probably THE earliest ode to the beverage. This video even includes lovely images of coffee to enjoy as you listen to the soprano reach her high notes.

      Bach was German, so this is recording is also in German. The English translation of the first verse is below, in case you’re a little rusty on your deutsche.

    Ah! How sweet coffee tastes!
    Lovelier than a thousand kisses
    Smoother than muscatel wine
    Ah! Ah! How coffee tastes!

    1. You’re the Cream in My Coffee


      Do you take cream? I do!  Composed by Ray Henderson, Buddy G. DeSylva, & Lew Brown in 1928, You’re the Cream in My Coffee is a jazzy love song born out of the Roaring 20’s in America. It first appeared in the Broadway musical Hold Everything. This version is performed by the lovely Annette Hanshaw.

    You’re the cream in my coffee
    You’re the salt in my stew
    You will always be my necessity
    I’d be lost without you


    1. Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee

      Well-known American composer Irvin Berlin wrote this piece in 1932. The big-band style song was first heard in the musical Face the Music. The link included above features the vocals of Chick Bullock, with delightful harmonies by The Three Waring Girls. It’s a lighthearted look at life in the states in the early 1930’s. (And I can always go for another cup!)

    Just around the corner,
    there’s a rainbow in the sky,
    So let’s have another cup of coffee,
    and let’s have another piece of pie.


    1. The Coffee Song

      The Coffee Song was written by Bob Hilliard and Dick Miles in 1946. None other than Frank Sinatra, the famous American vocalist, recorded this early version. It’s a laugh-out-loud tribute to the sheer volume of coffee produced in Brazil.

      I challenge you not to smile while listening to the lyrics. I think this is my new favorite song!

    Way down among Brazilians
    Coffee beans grow by the billions
    So they’ve got to find those extra cups to fill
    They’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil

    1. Black Coffee


      Black Coffee was composed by Sonny Burke in 1948 and first recorded by the legendary Sarah Vaughan. Many other artists recorded this hit song in the following years. This is sultry 40’s jazz music at its finest. It’s a moving song full of unrequited love; deliciously depressing, and oh, so good.

    I’m feelin’ mighty lonesome
    Haven’t slept a wink
    I walk the floor from nine to four
    In between I drink
    Black coffee
    Love’s a hand-me-down brew

    1. Coffee Blues

      Written by American singer Sam John “Lightnin” Hopkins in 1964, Coffee Blues is straight up American blues, just like the color of this gorgeous vinyl.

      Ever seen a couple act this way when one of them forgets to buy the MOST important item at the market?

      (I have to agree with Mama on this one.)

    Mama got mad at Papa, cause he didn’t bring no coffee home
    Mama got mad at Papa, cause he didn’t bring no coffee home
    Mama told Papa, “Old Man, you know you doin’ me wrong.

    1. You’re So Vain

      You’re So Vain was composed and recorded by Carly Simon in 1972. This smash heartbreak hit is an American legend. It was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year in 1974. Mystery still surrounds the identity of composer’s caustic wrath.

    But you gave away the things you love
    and one of them was me
    I had some dreams; they were clouds in my coffee
    clouds in my coffee.



    1. Caffeine

      This catchy song was composed and performed by singer/song-writer Patty Larkin in 1985. It’s a blues tune with a strong jazz influence. It’s also one of my favorite odes to a major case of the jitters. I guess the composer hasn’t discovered a good decaf yet.

    Caffeine; caffeine; I know that it’s a frame
    I got to have my coffee, or I’ll turn mean
    Put it on the rocks or straight up with cream
    You know I’m a fiend for that bean of caffeine
    Caffeine makes you happy; certainly does get you high
    You know I know you know what I mean

    1. Black Coffee Blues


      This piece is a fine example of the relatively new art form referred to as spoken word. Black Coffee Blues by Henry Rollins was released in 1997. Although the word “coffee” doesn’t appear verbatim in the lyrics, the opening line will tell you that Mr. Rollins is surely in need of a strong cup or two.

    Exhaustion? I thought I’d check in with you.

    1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

      I love this title! Wake Up and Smell the Coffee was released by The Cranberries in 2001. This high energy Irish/indie rock song includes a few things we’ve all said at some point, I’d wager.

    Come on and wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
    Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up
    It’s time, smell the coffee, the coffee

    These ten songs are just the tiniest drops in an ocean of coffee-related tunes. From jazz to blues to rock to classical music, there’s sure to be a song out there that’s perfect to accompany your cuppa.

    What’s your favorite music to listen to when you sip? Tell us about it in the comments. Including a link would be even better! And as always, thank you for reading.

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