Things to Consider to Open A Coffee Shop (1)

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    Things about Opening a Coffee Shop

    Have you ever had an idea to own a coffee shop? For most people, owing their own business is such a wonderful dream, especially for those who are pursuing a casual lifestyle. Pick up a unique county or city as you wish, and move there to start your business and spend your working time with serving kind people.

    It sounds great. You’re no longer bothered by your fussy boss when you head over your resignation. You can manage your own time freely. There is no more commuting, no more overtime, no more stress. You can decide your life. Owning a coffee shop, you will be paid by your coffee and cake or so, you can decide your earnings. And you can arrange your holidays without thinking about other people. It can’t be difficult, it’s not a big deal, and no one will be influenced by your failure.

    You may think it can’t be as easy as we think. Yes, you are right. As people who have run a chocolate store or a coffee shop said it is an experience you could have by yourself. Here are my thinks about a coffee shop you need know.

    No bosses, no hassles

    The greatest point of owing a coffee shop is that you can’t have any hassles from your boss. You can totally lay down working stress at the moment when you give up your position.

    Perhaps, you only hang out with dear friends when you have holidays. And you never spend entire 24-hour with your life partner except holidays. Do you prefer staying with your life partner every day or leave them alone when your holidays are over. You can think about it.

    You may know it well that you boss doesn’t care about your life, what they really care is your work efficiency or your work performances. The boss doesn’t expect that his employees are distracted by chores. However, when you open a coffee shop, is that the same? It’s not the expectation for your customers or staff that you are disturbing.

    Of course, you should be aware that you and your staff are small team, and you should work with each other. It could be a tricky if you haven’t managed staff. You should treat your staff friendly, but keep your status as a boss. If your staff is late for work, ask a leave at the peak time, they may be lazy or bossy, and you need to manage it tactfully. But we all know a good employee is worth all costs.

    Do you have any ideas about this part? I would love to hear what you would like to say.

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