Which Coffee Grinder Is The Best: Burr Or Blade?

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    Burr Coffee Grinder Vs Blade Coffee Grinder

    burr coffee grinder vs blade coffee grinder

    If you are a coffee enthusiast and you want to enjoy a strong and intensely flavored coffee each morning, then you must have asked yourself at least once: which coffee grinder is the best, the burr coffee grinder or blade coffee grinder one? The main difference between these two types of coffee grinders lies in their mechanism of action, but the true thing is they both get the job done.

    blade coffee grinder

    blade coffee grinder

    Nonetheless, many claim that the burr coffee grinders tend to be more expensive, given the fact that they tend to grind the coffee beans more evenly than the classic blade grinder. Even though the fine bean dust that results is usually better than the roughly grounded beans, some say that it can take its toll on the coffee machines and clog the filters permanently, this is why it is recommended to use paper filters when planning to use a burr coffee grinding machine. Each grinder is unique in its own way, and it is not uncommon for some burr grinders to have a regulated grinding process that although may be slower than that of a blade grinder, it is ultimately more efficient, thus being commonly used in cafes and restaurants.


    Burr coffee grinder

    Easy to use, convenient and highly efficient as they may be, burr grinders do have a few drawbacks. For instance, they produce a very fine coffee dust, therefore cleaning the grinder can be a daunting and time-consuming task as you often need to do it with a small brush. Also, these grinders tend to be louder than the blade grinders, which many users see as a disadvantage – this is not a general rule, though, as the conical burr grinder tends to be both cleaner and quieter, but it also comes with a hefty price tag.

    Performance-wise, it must be said that both blade and burr grinders deliver great results, the primary difference between the two types (in addition to their mechanism of action) is the fact that the burr models tend to be more feature-rich and user-friendly than the blade models. Burr models are durable and reliable, and although they do require slightly more maintenance in the long run as opposed to their blade counterparts, they are certainly a great investment.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a hassle-free grinder and you only want to get a nice cup of coffee, then perhaps a blade grinder is better. Nowadays, many coffee makers come with a grinder embedded in them, which makes them a lot easier to use and less messy as well. These 2-in-1 machines can certainly save you a lot of time, money and trouble over the years. While, on the other hand, independet grinders could improve the taste of coffee hugely. And here are some factors to consider when choosing one that suitable to your need.

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