Why Grind Coffee Beans Yourself

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    Using pre-ground coffee or single-serving coffee pods are simple and convenient. But if you truly want a cup of high quality coffee, it is crucial to learn how to grind whole coffee beans yourself. Why?

    Roasted coffee beans are very delicate. Once they’ve been broken open and ground up, they quickly begin to deteriorate and to lose their precious aroma. There are more than 1000 different volatile aromas and flavors inside roasted coffee bean cells. Once those beans are ground, many of those particles are released into the air. If you grind your beans too soon (that means anything more than 15 minutes prior to brewing), your coffee will lose approximately 60% of its aroma as compared to a cup of coffee that was made using freshly ground beans. If you buy ground coffee at the market, you  have no idea when that coffee was ground and packaged. It could be many weeks old!

    To avoid the loss of flavor and aroma, coffee experts always recommend that you grind coffee beans just before brewing. It is also crucial to select the correct level of coarseness, depending upon the brewing method you use. So unless you are using a super-automatic machine with a built-in grinder, you will need to invest in a quality grinder.


    To conclude, if you really want to enjoy a homemade cup of coffee that is as aromatic and as flavorful as possible, always grind your coffee on your own, right before brewing, using a high-quality conical burr grinder. Yes, that style of grinder is more expensive than a blade-style or manual grinder. Home grinding is also a bit time-consuming, and it can create a mess if care is not taken during the process. But it is worth all the efforts made, as long as you are a true coffee geek.

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